It’s been a while since I’ve added any news here but, as I’ve probably said in the past, no news means that I’m really busy working – which is a good thing! A big shout out for the scottish bordersMy main focus since Autumn last year has been a new website called which covers all of the Scottish Borders, offering businesses and organisations the chance to list their details and Shout Out their latest news, promotions and events. These Shoutouts are automatically posted on the popular Facebook page and onto Twitter.

The new customised WordPress website is almost ready with the directory of businesses and organisations already at over 1,300 listings!  The first clients are signing up ready to share their news – follow the links on the website if you want to get involved.

Other Projects for 2016

I have a few more websites in the pipeline, just waiting on those clients having time to create the content for their pages. Like me, they’re busy running other aspects of their business and need reminding how important their own website is! I’ll try to remember to update here once they’re launched…